About 35 years ago that is December 1985 (actually on a Christmas eve), a young intelligent man in his late 30’s called Benjamin Opondo (a man on the right side of this picture) on his usual duties serving as a sergeant in Kenya Prisons Service(KPS) attached to Kibos GK prison, went to repair a broken down electric pump that was supplying water for the entire Kodiaga prison fraternity.

Having obtained a distinction as an electrical wireman (equivalent to a higher diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering today) during their days in the early ’70s, he was trusted to repair and take care of all the Electricals within the facility.

On this fateful day a pump meant to supply water for the facility had broken down and as usual, he was called upon to check on It….so he moved on the site with a few of his inmates attached to him, the pump was located close to a sewer line for the entire Kibos Prison, unfortunately, one of the inmates fell in the sewer as they were doing their repairs…Mr. Benjamin Opondo being the charismatic and kind person decided to go and help the inmate who was drowning inside the sewer and by bad lack, he also slipped the situation got even worse.

By then my dad in his early 20’s Mr. Frank Opondo (the man on the left of this picture) was relaxing at their place of residence, upon hearing the news, my dad together with his younger brother Dr. Felix Opondo took upon themselves to go and save their dad, They all went in and saved both the inmate and their dad by then the inmate had passed on but luckily enough my grandfather was still breathing but weak.

All roads led to Russia Hospital in Kisumu (a Provincial general hospital for Nyanza region by then), My grandfather was examined and a few tests are done, but later that day God saw it fit to take him into an eternal resting place. My dad SSP Francis Opondo had to rise to the occasion and steer the family.

I didn’t get an opportunity to set my eyes on you dear grandfather but from your peers and my dad, I hear we do have somethings in common.

I wrote this to celebrate a person who despite all the circumstances, odds and the danger that was before him and his family, decided to save an inmate who was dying, he could as well as distance himself from the whole scenario and who knows by God’s grace he could have been alive today.

Today your son is Senior Superintendent of Kenya Prisons Service & your Grandson an Electrical Engineer, just what you were doing during your days on earth

Your legacy still leaves on!!!

We celebrate you Benjamin Opondo wherever you Are!! Not everyone could have done that act of bravery, you died a HERO!!

Continue Resting in Peace!!

This was truly AN ACT OF VALOR!!