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My names are Opondo Benjamin Opondo as they appear in my national identification card. I am a Kenyan citizen by birth. I am in my late 20's and in the process of making our great nation a habitable place for all persons from all walks of life that is by impacting the society we live in positively.

I currently work as an ICT Associate at Pawame Limited whose main goal and agenda are to provide off-grid communities in Kenya and Nigeria with access to energy and light at more affordable rates there by making the world a better place for everyone.

I am also a systems Administrator at Lokre Group Ltd where by am tasked with monitoring their core network systems among other related IT related works.

Iam particularly drawn to the maintenance of networking devices and programming in the field of Computer science and Telecommunications.I am looking forward to developing specialist skills in these areas and build a successful career.

I graduated with a bachelors degree in Electrical & Electronics  Engineering with a specialization in telecommunications and networks option, am also equipped with a network course from Kenyatta university called Cisco Certified Networks Associates together with cybersecurity.

I have also done a course in G-suite administration specialization from google and coursera and its interesting how networking fields are interconnected.

I am passionate about bringing change in our Information technology sector by providing advanced technologies in the same.

Furthermore, Information Technology field has nurtured my personal values, attitude and perspective of life and I would wish to continue taking the life-transformation experiences.

I believe that my passion and dogged determination to excel in the program and acquire competence as a young Network Engineer and ICT specialist will be an invaluable asset to the team I will always join.

Achievements/Volunteer Experience:

Piku Shop KE

Founder | Project Manager

An Online E-commerce website that Connects Vendors With Customers.

Lokre Group Ltd.

Founder | Systems Admin

An Information Technology company that mainly focuses on providing authentic solutions in Web-design, Web-hosting, Domain registration, Internet, Network security and Devices. We create clean and modern content for the world wide web and also build beautiful, hand-crafted websites.

September 2016 - Present
Mamlaka Hill Chapel

Assistant Sound Engineer

Responsible for services at Mamlaka hill chapel in-terms of Sound. Coordinating practice sessions for Mamlaka hill chapel worship team in-terms of sound

Dec 2014 - Jan 2015
MInistry of Public Works Kericho County

Administrative Assistant

Verifying bill of quantities, Electrical works, Architectural designs.

Vospine Ltd.

Marketing Manager

I was responsible for the marketing of the startup to potential investors and students of universities.



We were tasked with helping the post election violence victims by ensuring we promote peace and love to the affected individuals

Certifications & Awards

Webinar Series | Cyber Security

Webinar Series | Cyber Security

Basic of Cybersecurity, security threats & breaches, averting attacks.

CIsco | Cyber Security

CIsco | Cyber Security

Global implication of cyber threats, ways in which networks are vulnerable to attack, impact of attacks on industries,.

Engineering Conference

Engineering Conference

College of Architecture & Engineering UON



Cisco Certified Networks Associate:



Lokre Group Ltd

Lokre Group Ltd

An Information Technology Firm

Piku Shop

Piku Shop

Online E-Commerce

Lokre Networks

Lokre Networks


Lokre Webdesign

Lokre Webdesign

Website Design & Web Development

Lokre Host

Lokre Host

Web Hosting Service


8 Years of Experience



G Suite Administration Specialization

Coursera & Google Cloud

~Configuring a new G Suite account and exploring options for provisioning users, groups and resources. ~G Suite core services such as Gmail, Calendar, and Drive & Docs. ~User and application security. ~Configuring email compliance and implementing measures to protect an organization from spam, spoofing, phishing and malware attacks.


BSc Electrical & Electronics Engineering

University of Nairobi

Digital Electronics, Telecommunication and Electro-acoustics, Control systems, Power systems, Instrumentation, Analogue Electronics. Networks


Cyber Security & Network Security

Kenyatta University

Introduction to Cybersecurity course, and demonstrating the ability to explain the following: • Global implications of cyber threats • Ways in which networks are vulnerable to attack • Impact of cyber-attacks on industries • Cisco's approach to threat detection and defense • Why cybersecurity is a growing profession • Opportunities available for pursuing network security certifications


Cisco Certified Networks Associates, CCNA

Kenyatta University

Understand and describe basic switching concepts and the operation of Cisco switches • Understand and describe enhanced switching technologies • Understand and describe dynamic routing protocols, distance vector routing protocols, and link-state routing protocols • Configure and troubleshoot basic operations in a small switched and routed network • Configure and troubleshoot VLANs and inter-VLAN routing • Understand and describe the purpose and types of access control lists (ACLs) • Configure, monitor, and troubleshoot ACLs for 1Pv4 and IPvG • Understand and describe the operations and benefits of the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Domain Name System (DNS) for 1Pv4 and 1Pv6 • Understand, describe, configure and troubleshoot the operations of Network Address Translation (NAT)


Certified Public Accounts

Nishkam Saint Puran Singh Institute(NSPSI)

CPA Sections 1 & 2


April, 2021
NDE - Net Dev Engineering 101

Network Engineering Fellow

BGP Protocol in Routers

Sept, 2020 - Current
The Nairobi Review

Web Admin

~Manage Website Infrastructure set up a web host, configure access for users, establish news and mail servers, and seamlessly connect databases and other back-end components. ~Monitor Performance Constantly evaluate website performance by checking metrics such as loading time and memory consumption. Assess user feedback, effectiveness, and traffic. ~Provide Technical Support. ~Create and Update Web Pages

December 2019 - March 2020
Ilara Health Limited

Project Manager

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Implementation. ~ Initial system configurations.

October 2019 - Current
Pawame Ltd, Kileleshwa Nairobi, Kenya

ICT Associate.

Responsible for pawame computer Infrastructure, this includes laptops, desktops, security cameras, mobile phones, and any other company devices. Maintaining Pawame IT network, servers, and security systems. Installation of New Hardware and software within pawame premises Performing troubleshooting to all network devices of the company Assess viruses and potential threats to the company's network Responsible for all pawame Softwares this includes, 3CX, Lumeter, Zoho, kopokopo, Pawame portal, Mail server, and Human resource system Conduct training on new staff members in matters IT, and also, develop training manuals for the same. Initiating IT projects that beneficial to the company.

January 2019 - Present
Simplicity Networks

Network Engineer / Fiber Design

~Fiber Network Design ~Configurations of Network Devices eg, Ubiquiti products, Mikrotik Routers, Cisco Switches, Tplink, Lenovo B300 ~Provide technical Support

November 2017 -Present
Lokre Group Ltd.

Systems Admin/Network Engineer/Web developer

An Information Technology company that mainly focuses on providing authentic solutions in Web-design, Web-hosting, Domain registration, Internet, Network Security, E-commerce Solutions and Network Devices. We are also passionate about Software Development (Android, IOS).

May 2017 - July 2017
Kenya Education Network, KENET

Network Engineer @ Network Operation Center

Monitoring links through the Kenet systems such as (Vtiger, OpenNMS, SmokePing, Cacti, OMS and Edge genie.) and report them, Installation and configuration of new servers in the Kenet Data Centers, Configuration of new Cisco Router and switches awaiting deployment, Integrated NACOSTI (National Commission for Science, Technology, and Innovation) to the Kenet network.

Bell's Electricals Ltd (Safaricom Contracted)

IT Support Specialist/Field Engineer

Installation and recovery of ODU's, Installation of GSM Antennas, Installation of ACT’s (alarm controlled terminals), Installation of DC power cables, Installation of DDF Racks, Faulting and change of both antenna tilts and azimuths, Making of digital E1 jumper cables, testing, and termination of the same, Installation of Trau and BSC equipment’s wiring of BTS.

Areas of Expertise

Hands-on SQL experience

Domain & web-hosting services


Data centers Maintenance

Fiber Network Design

Deployment of FTTH

Network Administration


My Best Works
Mountain View Estate Fiber Network Design

Mountain View Estate Fiber Network Design

Fiber Network Design


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